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07 November 2014


Enervit, the European leader in endurance sports supplements, is now available in South Africa.

Enervit, one of the European leaders in endurance sports supplements, is now available in South Africa. Enervit Sports is a complete line-up of endurance sports nutritional supplements, providing specific products for every step of an athlete's performance strategy: before - to increase the availability of energy; during - to combat fatigue; and after - for a quick and optimal recovery.


Taking the right supplements at the right time helps athletes to perform at their best during training and competitions. Enervit has over 50 years of experience in the sports nutrition industry and has invested significantly in research to understand the real nutritional needs of athletes.  With this knowledge, Enervit acts as a support system by helping sports people to plan their nutritional strategies for each step of their performance. These scientifically researched, sport-specific strategies explain which Enervit Sports products to use and the ideal time to consume them. These strategies can be viewed on the website: www.enervitsport.com/za



Before exercising, an athlete needs to optimise the availability of carbohydrates, as well as the water supply in the body in preparation for intense and prolonged physical exertion. Consuming low GI foods beforehand promotes the oxidation of fatty acids during physical activity, which in turn helps with the sustained and slow release of glycogen from the muscles during physical exertion.


Enervit Pre Sport is one of the first scientifically designed low GI specific pre-sport foods that gives you just the right boost of energy before training or competitions. As it is fatfree, this carbohydrate-rich food is easily absorbed to help minimise digestive issues. Isomaltulose (a source of glucose and fructose) makes up 30% of the product’s total sugar content. Eating foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars raises blood glucose levels slower than other foods containing sugar. Energy is released gradually for sustained performance. The 45g serving is a delicious, easy-to-eat, orange flavoured jelly. RSP is R29,99 per sachet. 



During physical activity, athletes need to provide their bodies with a constant supply of energy to increase endurance and reduce fatigue. Using supplements that are a combination of gradual and rapidly absorbable carbohydrates (a mix of fructose and maltodextrin) is recommended. Minerals, in the form of carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions, will replenish losses caused by sweating. 


Enervit Sport Cheerpack is an instant energy booster. The combination of maltodextrin (which makes new energy available in a very short time) and fructose (which supplies energy over a longer period of time) provides instant energy during sports. It is ideal to take towards the end of a race when energy reserves are low. The packaging has a screw top, so the contents can be sipped at regular intervals or consumed in one shot. Available in an orange flavour for the RSP of R44.95 per pack.


Enervit Sport Cheerpack Competition with caffeine (42mg/100ml) is suitable for a more intense and prolonged period of physical activity, specifically because it contains caffeine, which mobilises fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as a fuel. Caffeine has been shown to decrease glycogen utilisation by as much as 50% during the critical first 15 minutes of exercise, which means that more glycogen is available to the muscles for longer. Caffeine also assists athletes with mental focus. Available in a citrus flavour for the RSP of R44.95 per pack.


Enervit GT Sport Tablets are fructose-based, carbohydrate-rich energy tablets that are recommended to reduce fatigue. They are a source of magnesium and potassium, which help reduce the onset of cramping and dehydration. The tablets melt slowly in the mouth and are a convenient way to keep hydrated. They contain vitamins that offer sustained energy and hydration and pantothenic acid that reduces fatigue and contributes to normal energy metabolism. Available in lemon flavour in tubes of 12 units (RSP R74.95) or easy-to-carry blister packs of four units (RSP R145.95 for a box of 6 x 4 blister packs)


Enervit G Sport Drink contains carbohydrates (mostly fructose), mineral salts (to guarantee effective cramp prevention) and vitamins. The carbohydrates and electrolytes in this drink help to maintain endurance performance levels during prolonged exercise and can increase water absorption. Available in tasty orange and lemon flavours for the RSP of R249.95 per 420g tin and in handy 300g (RSP R174.95) and 15g (RSP R9,95) sachets. 



Energy levels and muscle strain issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible after strenuous exercise, especially if future participation in training sessions or competitions are planned. Supplements used at this time must assist in the rapid recovery of energy reserves, muscle efficiency and hydro-saline deficiencies - which already starts in the first ten minutes after physical activity.


Enervit R2 Sport is an energy supplement for rapid recovery after training or competitions and should be taken within 30 minutes after exercising. It is the first step towards your next challenge. The product contains maltodextrin and dextrose (fast absorbing carbohydrates) to help replenish glycogen levels and branched amino acids (leucine) to help repair muscles. R2 Sport provides a substantial amount of glutamine to help combat fatigue and contains vitamin C and E, which assists muscle recovery after training.RSP is R54.95 per 50g sachet and R419.95 per 400g tin.


The full range of Enervit Sports products is available nationwide at selected Dis-Chem pharmacies, seleted Clicks stores, selected specialist sports stores or can be purchased online via www.enervitsport.com/za.



View coverage: http://cyclingdirect.co.za/article/enervit-now-available-south-africa 



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