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Enervit Sport Carbo Tablets

Chewable energy and vitamin rich tablets

These fructose based, tasty lemon flavoured energy tablets containing essential vitamins and pantothenic acid help to reduce fatigue and cramps. The handy 6 x 4 blister packs of individually wrapped tablets are easy to carry when exercising and dissolve quickly in your mouth. 

enervit sport carbo tablets
  • enervit sport carbo tablets

Enervit Sport Carbo Tablets are carbohydrate based energy tablets:

  • Contain energy producing vitamins B1, B2, PP and C, which assist in the assimilation of carbohydrates and help the body to perform efficiently during physical activity. 
  • Contain mineral salts, sodium and chlorine, along with potassium and magnesium in the form of aspartates, which help to fight the effects of amonium, a substance which forms in the body during physical exercise and causes cramps.
  • Slow release energy due to the combination of fructose, maltodextrins and glucose which have different assimilation speeds in the body.
  • No preservatives, no glutines and only 2% fat.
  • Each tablet contains approximately 15kcal.
  • This product should be part of a varied and well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Dissolve a tablet in the mouth.  Recommended dose is 1 tablet every 30 minutes, depending in the intensity and duration of the exercise, up to a maximum of 13 tablets per day. 

Fructose (31.5%) – Dextrose (28.3%) – Sucrose (26.6%) - Maltodextrin (3.9%) - Acidifier: citric acid – Thickener:  gum arabic– Flavouring – Anti-caking agent: mono and diglycerides of fatty acid, magnesium stearate –Corn starch (0.8%) – Acidity regulator: potassium citrate - Magnesium citrate – Antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid – Sodium chloride – Nicotinamide – Calcium D-Pantothenate – Thiamin hydrochloride – Riboflavin.

Produced in a factory that also produces cereals containing milk, sesame, eggs, soybeans, nuts and gluten.


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