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Mountain biker, Cyclist, Triathlete and Trail runner

Robert is an avid mountain biker, cyclist, triathlete and trail runner. He started mountain biking to keep fit in 2010, which then became a passion for endurance sports and he started competing seriously in trail running and triathlon events. In 2013 he started training at Exercise Solutions with Sam Harrington (another Enervit SA Ambassador!), who helped bring structure and focus to his training programs.  He has subsequently completed the ABSA Cape Epic in 2014 (140th overall), Sani2C( 7th overall in Adventure), Wines 2 Whales (Top 60 over all three races) and IRONMAN 70.3 in 2014 and 2015 (Top 130). He recently made the South African Olympic distance Triathlon team to compete in the World Championships in Chicago. 

On race days he starts early with a light warm up and a bowl of rolled oats, honey and cream as well as sipping on a 750ml electrolyte drink.  After checking his equipment and a final slice of peanut butter toast he is ready to go. His philosophy for success is: “Complete commitment and unwavering dedication to planned goals. Can’t compromise on hard work. If you put in the hours the results take care of themselves. I feel I’m only getting better learning this and getting more “miles” in my legs.“  Goals ahead include coming in the top 20 in the 30-34 age group at Olympic Distance World Champs in Chicago later this year and in the next 3 years completing another ABSA Cape Epic with a Top 70 and qualifying for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships. 

His training and race tips include: 1) Ensure you have a clearly mapped out race plan where you understand what nutrition you require at particular points to enhance performance and fuel you sufficiently; 2) Have weekly massages to flush out lactic acid and rejuvenate muscles; 3) Have a clearly structured programme where you’ve built a solid foundation of endurance, then incorporated power and speed work as well as pacing; 4)Train with a squad of equally capable athletes who push you out of comfort zones and challenge your limits; 5) Evaluate your performances and training statistics regularly and have meetings with your coach to put corrective actions in place as well as key developmental plans; 6) Always stick to what you know in terms of capabilities and skills as well as nutrition. Don’t think because you feel invincible you can push way outside your zones and ranges as this is when one misses targets times. Stick to plans, zones and nutrition and if you’ve put in the work the results will take care of themselves. Tips for correct supplementation in triaining and racing include: 1) Eat clean and ensure you are continually fuelling your body with the right fluids and food; 2) Make sure you train with what you plan on using during a race; 3) Always pre plan your race nutrition so that you go into a race with a plan of action, general rule is 3/4 - 1 bottle (750ml) of a carbohydrate drink (i.e. Enervit GT Sport) /water per hour of racing and a gel/energy bar/Enervit GT Sport tablets (my favourite) etc every 45mins as well; 4) Don’t wait until you get fatigued to try and supplement, keep fuelling your body from the start and you will be able to avoid unnecessary energy ‘bonks’. 

Robert comes from a close and supportive family and is married.  He is an avid sports fan and enjoys holidaying in Cape Town and Thailand and reading various books of interest in business, triathlon/endurance and autobiographies. Something most people don’t know is that he used to model in Europe, Cape Town and Dubai for over 5 years and did campaigns for Dolce &Gabbana, Armani and Salvatore Feragammo. Welcome to the team Robert! Follow him on @Pearsie_15



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